Poem in Geez Magazine’s 2021 Advent Devotion

I’m thrilled to share that my poem was included in Geez Magazine’s 2021 Advent book: ‘Songs for the Shadows: A Season of Embracing the Dark.’

If you don’t have a plan for advent devotions already, I highly recommend snagging yourself a copy today: https://geezmagazine.org/blogs/entry/songs-for-the-shadows

My poem is called ‘The Spirit Finds Me in the Darkness’ and is a re-imagining of Psalm 23.

UMC Northern Illinois Annual Conference Prayer, 10.2.21, Rev. Grant Swanson

God Among Us,

Whose Spirit enlivens our hearts, words, and actions,

Thank you for this community of faith-filled colleagues

who are seeking your guidance in all that we do.

We are especially thankful

to the presenters, organizers, and technology support team

for making this vital day possible.

As we continue to seek and follow the path you have laid for us-

in ministry and service-

to all people and creation-

toward your Kin-dom transformation of the world-

We know that You, Jesus, make a way.

You paved the way for us, proclaiming your ministry,

and calling us as your followers into that ministry,

in Luke 4:18-19:

-To bring good news to the poor

-To proclaim release of the captives

-And recovery of sight to the blind

-To let the oppressed go free

-To proclaim the year of our Lord’s favor.

As you fulfilled this ministry proclamation

in life, death, and resurrection,

may we seek to fulfill that call

in our words, actions, and decisions,

no matter how big or how small,

as individuals and as the Body of Christ,

both in our discussions and votes today,

and in our lives of minsitry and love

today, tomorrow, and evermore.

You make a way for us on this path of ministry

through your incarnate model,

rooted in your divinely boundless love,

and empowered by your dynamic Spirit.