Psalm 23 as a Gay Love Letter

My Lover is my Lord,

in him, I do not want.

He lies with me on clean linens

and wraps me in his sinewy arms.

He enlivens my body and soul

and leads me on pleasurable paths

toward mutual ecstasy.

With him I journey through 

the soft fleshy curves,

hard muscled edges,

and vulnerable tissues 

of our bodies.

In him, I fear no harm,

for his rod 

and my staff

are in the hands

of excellent communicators.

He prepares a warm cuddle for me

after the stresses and joys

of the daily grind;

he anoints my head with kisses

and my heart overflows.

Goodness and mercy

flow from our union

into all of the days 

and the ways

of our lives.

I shall dwell in the embodied home

of my Lord – my Husband – 

until death do us part

and we reunite 

in eternal embrace.

A Reimagination of Amos 5:11-15

You who cast aside the poor

for your own political and financial gain

may have created comfortable homes and lives

but your comfort shall be short lived.


Christ says that he is present amidst ‘the least of these.’

By putting your feet on the necks of the poor,

you have transgressed against God

and will be judged accordingly in eternity.


But there is still hope for you. Repent!

GIve up all that you have

and become a listener and an advocate

of the justice that the poor demand.


For in these actions, you stand with the poor, with God, in love.

Anything less is to reject God and to embrace evil.

Poem in Geez Magazine’s 2021 Advent Devotion

I’m thrilled to share that my poem was included in Geez Magazine’s 2021 Advent book: ‘Songs for the Shadows: A Season of Embracing the Dark.’

If you don’t have a plan for advent devotions already, I highly recommend snagging yourself a copy today:

My poem is called ‘The Spirit Finds Me in the Darkness’ and is a re-imagining of Psalm 23.

The Co-Creation of the Lord’s Garden (Inspired by Isaiah 61)

The call of justice creation is upon us

because God’s Garden bears fruits

only of goodness and love;

injustice has no place to take root

in the Lord’s Garden.

Our Creator God invites us

to tend to the Lord’s Garden –

beyond performative words –

            toward a tangible justice harvest

for all people,

and all creation,

that cultivates the margins.

Our Gardner God call us

to provide clinical counseling

                        for those processing trauma;

to become abolitionists

of the prison industrial complex

and free prisoners from servitude to capitalism;

to expunge student debt;

to create housing for all;

to make medical and mental healthcare

                        accessible to all;

to demand an end to war

                        and instead fund the wholistic care

                                    of all children;

to end global hunger

                        and distribute hoarded resources


to lay fallow the Earth

                        from extractive industries

                                    and repent of our idolatrous beliefs

                        of private property ownership

over God’s creation.

We tend to these seedlings of justice –

toward the future harvest of God’s Garden –

            because they are right and just;

            because they are love;

            because God has covenanted with us

                        as followers of Christ

                                    to co-create the Lord’s Garden.

This is our salvation:

            to tend to the Earth

            and all of its inhabitants

            until God’s intended flourishing

springs forth for all creation –

from mutual co-creation –

            amidst adulation of praise,

            communal well-being,

            and the final fruition

of God’s glorious Garden.

Treasures of Darkness [Inspired by Isaiah 45:3]

God promises us treasures in the dark –
secrets and riches hidden within night –
inky wisdoms burst forth – if only we
dive into the depths of divine darkness.

Be Still…God is Our Refuge

God, you call me to

act for justice and mercy.

But teach me stillness.


I like to do. I see following God as action. Faith as a verb. That is true. But what does it also mean to also ‘be still’ in God’s presence? To find stillness in God as my refuge (Psalm 46)?



I am called to act,

to do:

to advocate

to collaborate

to demand justice

to show mercy

to love profusely.

But what does it mean to be still?

To know that you are my refuge?

To find refuge

and strength

in the stillness

of God’s presence and power:

God’s love.

Lord, hear my prayer.


Sabbath Rest

God created and

it was good. Freedom from

perfection’s tyranny.

Citizenship in Heaven (Response to Philippians 3:20-21)

Our citizenship is in Heaven;

not in the systems and structures

that our societies value:

power maintenance,

economic control,

and resource exploitation,

by which people and creation are

oppressed and marginalized

for the comfort and supremacy

of a few.

Our citizenship is in Heaven;

in the Love and Justice of God

that transforms our hearts, churches, and societies

through the model of our Savior,

Jesus Christ,

and the power of

the Holy Spirit,

by power sharing,

economic jubilee –

equitable resource stewardship –

and communal creation caretaking.

Our citizenship is in Heaven

by co-creating Heaven on Earth –

this Earth –

here and now,

for all people

and creation.


Where You Lead, Oh Lord, I Follow (Based on Psalm 138:1-8)

I rejoice in You, my Provider;

my heart beats with praise.

I raise my palms and lift my eyes

toward Your glory and wholeness,

in thankful exultation

of Your steadfast love

and faithful word.

At a young age, You called me;

I heard and followed.

But the Church and the world

conspired to silence Your voice

and extinguish my call

by moralizing away my belovedness

as Your child, oh God,

as a condemned and unworthy queer.

But, amidst these trials of human

malevolence and lies,

You journeyed with me,

never leaving nor forsaking,

waiting for a receptive heart

to remind me of my call –

not despite of my sexuality,

but because of it –

the experiences of expansive and just-filled love.

And now,

through my approval for Ordination

as a Deacon in the UMC,

You have brought Your Purpose to further fruition in me,

proving that Your radically inclusive love endures,

and expands,


Where You lead, oh Lord, I follow.