The Co-Creation of the Lord’s Garden (Inspired by Isaiah 61)

The call of justice creation is upon us

because God’s Garden bears fruits

only of goodness and love;

injustice has no place to take root

in the Lord’s Garden.

Our Creator God invites us

to tend to the Lord’s Garden –

beyond performative words –

            toward a tangible justice harvest

for all people,

and all creation,

that cultivates the margins.

Our Gardner God call us

to provide clinical counseling

                        for those processing trauma;

to become abolitionists

of the prison industrial complex

and free prisoners from servitude to capitalism;

to expunge student debt;

to create housing for all;

to make medical and mental healthcare

                        accessible to all;

to demand an end to war

                        and instead fund the wholistic care

                                    of all children;

to end global hunger

                        and distribute hoarded resources


to lay fallow the Earth

                        from extractive industries

                                    and repent of our idolatrous beliefs

                        of private property ownership

over God’s creation.

We tend to these seedlings of justice –

toward the future harvest of God’s Garden –

            because they are right and just;

            because they are love;

            because God has covenanted with us

                        as followers of Christ

                                    to co-create the Lord’s Garden.

This is our salvation:

            to tend to the Earth

            and all of its inhabitants

            until God’s intended flourishing

springs forth for all creation –

from mutual co-creation –

            amidst adulation of praise,

            communal well-being,

            and the final fruition

of God’s glorious Garden.

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