Prayer of Lament

Creator God of supposed justice and love,

why did you create a world full of such pain, division, and discord?

where our own families and friends

exchange violent words and vicious lies

about scientific health precautions

and protecting the basic human dignity and life

of all people?

Where dehumanization and oppression

become the expectation and right of those in power?

God of justice and love,

didn’t you proclaim victory over sin and death?

Why then must we feel the sting of death

and the seeming victory of sin?

I know you commanded us to be your agents of love and justice –

to teach others and make disciples of all people –

but we are walking in the valley of death

and I do fear evil.

But I also put my faith and hope

in a justice-filled day.

Please lead me Lord,

and I’ll try my best

to follow.


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