Unnamed (a poetic response to Acts 16:16-19)


a human process

enacted at birth

to those deemed human


to deserve a name.

The slave woman –

unnamed –

regulated to the margins

of knowability and purpose

through commerce and profitability.

But God knows her name –

our names –

in the deepest sense

in the fullest sense

beyond even how we know ourselves.

The unnamed woman is known

fully and completely

as a beloved child of God. 

Sofia –

Is that your name?

The Holy Spirit present –

manifested in an unexpected form

to challenge and convict

to defy the social/cultural

norms and expectations.

To remind us,

all of us,

that the truth of God

is proclaimed loudly and boldly

where people are willing

to be transformed

to be changed

to take action –

if we are only willing

to humble ourselves

and listen

to the revelation visible

within the goodness

of all Creation.

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