Prayer (5.14.23)

When Mother God

created the heavens and the earth,

including all of humanity,

tending to the most minute details,

and ensuring a rich tapestry

of variance and difference,

she/they looked at all of it,

all of us,

and said that everything

was “very good.”

Go forth with this knowledge

of universal goodness,

in the creative power

of the Holy Spirit,

and love courageously.


Psalm 23 as a Gay Love Letter

My Lover is my Lord,

in him, I do not want.

He lies with me on clean linens

and wraps me in his sinewy arms.

He enlivens my body and soul

and leads me on pleasurable paths

toward mutual ecstasy.

With him I journey through 

the soft fleshy curves,

hard muscled edges,

and vulnerable tissues 

of our bodies.

In him, I fear no harm,

for his rod 

and my staff

are in the hands

of excellent communicators.

He prepares a warm cuddle for me

after the stresses and joys

of the daily grind;

he anoints my head with kisses

and my heart overflows.

Goodness and mercy

flow from our union

into all of the days 

and the ways

of our lives.

I shall dwell in the embodied home

of my Lord – my Husband – 

until death do us part

and we reunite 

in eternal embrace.