Sin [Inspired by George Herbert’s ‘Sinne’]

Familial God, you have formed us in a world of care,
parents grow us, teachers educate us,
the law directs us, the world defines us.
We become fixed in binding rules and expectations
of who we are and who we can become.
The Church and its members are tasked
with disrupting this terrifying trap.
But all too often, the ecclesial body
becomes a co-conspirator in the maintenance
of power and domination.
When we gather to worship and praise,
interpret and learn God’s love in scripture,
and sharpen our skills of discernment and justice,
God can operate world transformation through us.
But when we cast our cares and sites on
the power and principalities, and privileges,
of the world, we sin against the divine purpose
of Love that God has tasked us with.
Sin is the alignment with power and domination.
Alignment with God casts out all sin.
May we evermore align with God’s Love.

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