Inspired by ‘Love (III)’ by George Herbert

adult and child hands holding red heart on aqua background, heart health, donation, CSR concept, world heart day, world health day, family day

God’s love is an open-armed greeting,

but teachings of sin caused me to pull away:


God stood saddened still, but not stunned,

knowing from the human evil it came:


God sent an Advocate before I was formed

to be ever-present with me, reminding me:


God demonstrated to my heart, helping me

to see the wrong in ecclessial espoused self-hate:


God extended means of Grace, and I retreated

drowning in family, culture, and church:


God persisted, loving without condition

and inviting me into the Love abundance:


God led me to encounter texts and people

with different messages and teachings

coaxing my brain where my heart wasn’t ready:


God opened my eyes to read and interpret

in holistic and healing ways:


God encountered my in God’s love through

self-love, neighborly love, and love of enemy –

a least-of-these love:


And God’s call was to teach and to love

as a conduit of God’s love in the world:



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